Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Drool Worthy Wedding Photos

Today is eye candy day and I have found a few of my favorite couple pictures to share with you, as well as a few tips to getting that perfect shot.

Tip #1: Find a gorgeous backdrop.

Whether its a giant tree or this amazing red wall finding the right backdrop will take your pic from good to great! According to Kathleen Murray from the Knot, "scoping out interesting settings will help create a colorful and playful palette." Just remember that you want it to look real, don't stress if there are kids running around in the background or your husband was looking at your eyes instead of the camera - you want your wedding photos to look like your marriage is real and special, not planned or staged.

Tip #2: Don't look posed.

I love this picture not only because it has a gorgeous back drop but also because it shows some real emotion! She is happy to be married and she's having fun! Your photos should give some insight to your personality. And whether that be goofy and fun or passionate and serious remember to be true to your own style. He he this photo always makes me smile!

Tip #3: Don't stress about the weather.

If its raining, use it! A shot of the bride and groom kissing or cuddling under one umbrella is adorable. Or the above pic, wonder what they're doing back there? :)

Tip #4: Get some privacy.

I love shots where it looks like the bride and groom are in a world of their won. It really makes you feel like they are so focused on one another that the world around them just falls out of the picture. Aww!

And my biggest tip of all:
Tip #5: Have Fun!
Its your special day, you've found the love of your life and now you're celebrating the fact that the two of you were meant to be. Don't bring the day down by stressing too much and enjoy the moment!

Well good luck everyone and hoped you enjoyed these adorable shots!
Forever Dreaming,

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