Sunday, March 15, 2009

Alternatives to the Guest Book

For those who don't know, I am in love with Wedding Wire, and while I was searching the message boards for interesting things I saw one girl asking for ideas for guest book alternatives. After a few minutes I had tons of ideas and thought I'd share a few of my favorites.

#1. The Wish Tree

Not only is this an adorable DIY project but its also a great alternative to the traditional guest book. Your guests sign a note or give some advice and simply hang it on the tree. At the end of the night you can just take the notes off, place them in a box, and either read them all at once or ration them off through out the year to come. And did you know that this is actually a Dutch wedding tradition? Fun factoids like that always make me feel full of wedding conversation starters! :) Now on to the next.

#2. The Wish Jar

Much like the wish tree, your guests write down a little message (or wish) to you and put it in the jar. Easy to transport and fun to read afterward since the guests will know that no one is going to see the note besides you and you will most likely end up with some great thoughts! By the way this picture came from My Dream Wedding.CA Shoppe where you can actually purchase it if you were interested.

#3. The Guest Puzzle
This was such a cute and unique idea I had to include it! For couples that love putting puzzles together this is not only a way to get messages from your guests but also a fun project for later! I found this on MGC Puzzles where you can purchase it (the price varies based on the size and number of pieces).

#4. The Wedding Recipe Cards
I actually saw this in the Bridal Guide magazine back in 2007 and it just stuck with me. There are many Wish Boxes you could chose from but I loved the idea of making it look like a box of cooking recipe cards. I found the following adorable box from Jean M. on her website for only $25.

As you can see there are many alternatives to doing the traditional guest book. Personally I'm torn between the wish tree and the recipe box. Hmm...decisions decisions.

Well hope everyone had a great weekend and got some good ideas from today's blog! And as always if you have any ideas, questions, comments, or funny jokes (I LOVE finding funny thinks in my email) feel free to email me at

Forever Dreaming,

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