Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Charitable Registries

Today will probably be a two post day again as there are too many ideas running around in my head. The first and possibly most important is that your wedding registry can actually donate to charities while your guests are purchasing gifts for you that you know you want.

While thinking about what we would give to our guests as favors, I came up with the idea to place a little card on everyone's plate letting them know that we had made a donation in their name to whatever charity (I wanted the ASPCA). This is still a fantastic idea (and please feel free to steal) but I am thrilled to announce yet another way to give back to the community with you wedding!

Websites like I Do Foundation partner with stores to donate a certain percentage of the spending on your registry items to a chosen charity. Awesome, yes? The I Do Foundation has over 60 organizations that you can choose as your charity. I will be picking the National Wildlife Foundation (yay!).

For the I Do Foundation, getting started is really pretty easy. First you register your wedding with them, then they have an online process which helps you register for items at whichever store you chose (they have a list of partner stores). Then you create your wedding registry website using their website and your guests can log on directly and shop away!

While I haven't found any websites which work exactly the same way here are a few that will help you give.
Wedding Channel - this will donate any time someone purchases a gift from their personal website store. They also have an option to register for donations to specific charities.
Just Give - this site will allow you to register for donations to specific charities only.
Changing the Present - this will also allow you to chose a specific charity to donate to as a gift. It can also be used for any gift giving time such as birthdays or Christmas.

Oh and the I Do Foundation also sells favor cards for any of those who would like to give your guests a donation to a chosen charity as their favor! I love this site.

So have fun playing around with these and go give a little!
Forever Dreaming,

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