Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Planning Update: Guest Lists and Venue Hunting

This Sunday, my friend Kiki and I will be going to a few different venues and seeing if anything causes me to become obsessed with one of them. Sounds like fun, right?! I will be sure to post pictures and comments as soon as I can afterwords, but today I wanted to share a few things with you.

First off, I had way too much fun reading bridal horoscope or as they like to call it the Bridescope. It was almost completely on with my wedding ideals- even with the couple match up.

"The Sagittarius woman is a complex mix of wild and wise, thoughtful and impulsive. She's an independent, can-do type, always expanding and growing. She loves to learn and may have a teeming bookshelf that reflects her many interests. But don't expect to mistake her for a bookworm. On the outside, she may be wild and lusty (think Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith)—or at least her strong personality will be evident. Deep down, though, there's an inner good girl who's capable of lasting monogamy. Just don't use the term "settle down" around her. This freedom-loving sign won't be told what to do! Sagittarius is symbolized by the centaur, the legendary half-human, half-horse that was caught between two natures—his primal desires and his thirst for knowledge. Although the Sagittarius woman can be an animal below her mythological belt, her sign rules wisdom, morals and higher learning. She's often sticking her hoof in her mouth, blurting out tactless-but-truthful comments. But with her deep generosity she'll make it up to you later. It takes a strong man to rein her in, but the one who does will enjoy endless adventures, laughter and all the gifts of her fiery nature. With her direct remarks and ribald humor, she's often "one of the guys" and may be more at home in the company of male friends. Finding—and recognizing—her own femininity will be this tomboyish sign's challenge. Her wisdom and generosity abound when it comes to helping friends and loved ones discover their higher callings. Though she may give "tough love," nobody will champion your greatness like a visionary Sagittarius woman. The surest way to alienate Sagittarius is to try to impose limits on her personal freedom and drown her happy-go-lucky optimism in doubt. If she finds a commitment restrictive, she'll head for the hills. Sometimes a mere whiff of responsibility makes her draw back in fear, and this can be a definite weakness. The lifelong lesson for this sign is to discover how commitment is the beginning of adventure rather than the end. Should she discover this curious paradox, Sagittarius makes an excellent (though at times exhausting) partner and playmate."

Yes I'm impulsive, and optimistic, and excited. (Sagittarius all the way!) It was great. Try it out here.

The second thing - I just got back my wish list from my parents. A list of everyone they would invite if they could and I added in my side of the guests. Let me tell you, it’s stressful! We want to have 75 guests or less, and I'm at 55-60 and that’s without Justin's extended family.I do have his immediate family on there though. That's also after probably 1 hour of cutting down the list and feeling guilty after being cut throat. "How close a friend are they?" is something I had to ask myself a lot.

But some of it was fun. I liked knowing that I now have more than half of the list taken care of, and most of those entries have addresses attached! Can I just mention how much I love Wedding Wire's guest list tool? I will be so prepared when it comes to making out the invitations. Score!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!

Forever Dreaming,


Venue Hunting and Groom's Cakes

I got a few laughs at these wonderful and creative groom's cakes that I found. I linked each picture to the site I found it on so feel free to check them out!

-For the gamer:

-For the sports fan:

For the Hunter:

For the Handy Man:

The Star Wars Fan:

My favorites are the Super Mario Cake and the first Star Wars Cake. Check out the link for that cake, it has some great close ups! :)

Forever Dreaming,

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Favor Ideas and Reception Decor

Alright so my wedding is sort of a woodsie fairytale theme going with it and I found a few favors that I love and would go perfectly. Check them out!
Here are a few animal themed favors:

And here are a few fairy tale themed favors:

And I found what I want to put behind my FH and my table at the reception!

Oh I love it! And once the wedding is over, I can put it above our bed much like the picture above. How perfect! Currently I'm putting together my vendor checklist. Its a table of the vendors and what they do or do not offer all filled out so I can easily compare. I'll post it once I'm done - Its going to be a huge time saver!

Forever Dreaming,

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sometimes he just makes me go aww....

Look what my FH sent me today while I was at work!

I love his little surprises!

Forever Dreaming,

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bridal Party - DIY Gift Bags

So today I threw a little bridal party for my friend KiKi (nickname) who was married exactly one month ago. (Happy One Month!) It was so fun but I wanted to share just how easy (and inexpensive) it is to make your own little gift bag!

What you need:
(1) Brown paper bags (12 for somewhere around $5)
(2) Various stamps and ribbons from Target's one dollar bins.

Then you just stamp in which ever color and which ever design you like, punch two holes on the top of the bag and tie some ribbon through, stuff with tissue paper and gifts and Ta-Daa! You're done!
How cute, the girls loved them. I baked some cupcakes, put out some snacks, and we were ready!

Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!
Forever Dreaming,

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Announcing: Bride$hare and free DIY Templates!

So one amazing blogger , The Broke-Ass Bride, click here to view the blog, has just started another site called Bride$hare. It is such a great idea! Click the image below to visit the site.

Once you create your account, you have access to other brides who can share tips, rate anything from venues to flower types, and offer suggestions or recommendations. Also you can search classifieds to find something to buy or share for your own wedding or sell your own stuff! This site is great, brand new, and everyone should go check it out!

In other news, I am grazing possible venues for something that will fit in my budget. Talk about tiring. :)

Also check out what iDIY has today!
CSA Images has a fantastic Free File Collection which contains the above images and more for those of you looking for something for their invites or table decor. You do need to create an account to get the images but its free, so have fun! I think some of the images actually do cost money - but iDIY has never led me astray before! Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Forever Dreaming,

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Inspiration Board #2: Pride and Prejudice

With such a romantic story, the idea of this wedding is filled with soft textures and romantic hues. Lots of candles and delicate lines. Soft hair styles and classic yet gorgeous dresses.

I found the bridesmaid dresses here and the bridal gown here. The bottom blue bouquet came from Martha Stewart Weddings and the remaining images came from the Knot.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Did he or Didn't he?

Ugh. So for those of you who don't know as of yet, I am not officially engaged. Meaning that while we do know that we are getting married - he has yet to say those 4 magical words: "Will you marry me?". For the last month or so we have been playfully hopping around the subject where he jokes that we already are (which to me we're not) or that he's asking me right then (which he has yet to do). Last night another playful joking occurred.

I was sharing that rumors or our engagement were once again being spread throughout our home town (they have been since we started dating 4 years ago) and he stated that it was fine since we already were. The conversation went like this:

Me: No we aren't, you haven't asked me."
JN: So then what's your answer?
Me: To what?
JN: The question.
Me: What question?
JN: The question.
Me: You haven't asked me yet. But when you do the answer will be yes.

He starts tickling me (he thinks its hilarious how ticklish I am) and we drop the conversation. Then a few minutes later...

JN: So how does it feel being engaged?
Me: I wouldn't know since you still haven't asked me.
JN: Ok so what's your answer?
Me: Ugh! That doesn't count!

And so on and so on. What a booger, such a tease! He's so adorable and infuriating at the same time and I know he loves being that way. Hehe he makes me laugh but O dislike being stuck in this wedding limbo. Not knowing whether I should start seriously planning or continue just browsing through ideas and finding things I love. So I decided to start-halfway. Which is basically what I've been doing. But now I have brief periods of excitedness, which usually happen late at night which leads to my not sleeping well. Ha! I can't wait to be engaged!

Anyways, here's a problem that has been plaguing me. I can't figure out what song our first dance will be to. I really want our wedding to be full of meaning and I am having trouble coming up with a song that is just perfect. I know he would love it if it could be a classic rock song, so I'm looking through there but if any of you have any hints that would be marvelous!

Possible Ideas:
I Will - The Beatles
Something - The Beatles
Your Song - Elton John
Love Song - 311
Faithfully - Journey

I like them all but nothing is like - "Oh that's perfect!". Well have a great Thursday everyone and please share any ideas! :)

Forever Dreaming,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My latest obsession: the Knot TV

Happy Wednesday everyone! I have recently been hooked on the Knot TV On Demand. You can browse through nine different channels including Bridal Beauty, Wedding Style, and Real Weddings. Check out this video of 8 Bold Bridal Looks: FR_8BoldLooks_BO-500x375_2008_11_19

Oh and check this out: Adorable wedding proposal!

Forever Dreaming,

Friday, June 12, 2009

Inspiration Board #1 - Spring Wedding in Blue

I love the idea of using the color blue and blue birds in spring weddings, so I put together a inspiration board in case anyone wanted some ideas!

Blue Bird Invitations and Blue Bird Cake Topper from, All other photos from The Knot

Also, I found a little tidbit of delicious information on the Classic Bride (click here for blog). According to Sarah, if you're shopping on Magnet Street Weddings make sure to click on the two hearts icon under the Safe and Secure section, you will get 30% off your stationary order! But hurry, it only lasts until June 14th (this Sunday).

Forever Dreaming,

Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm Back! and Dreaming of an Irish Wedding

Hello everyone! I just finished my last paper of the quarter so that means no more school for a while! And I have just been dying to get back to sharing some wedding thoughts with you so lets just jump right in! I'm thinking of incorporating a lot of Irish feel in my wedding. Of course we'll be serving Guinness Beer, its my man's favorite, and I'm thinking of using some Bells of Ireland in my floral arrangements. I love those flowers.

I found this adorable Irish proverb:

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and just be my friend.

I'm also currently browsing through some great ideas on a website full of Irish tradition. Click here to check it out! So, do any of you have some traditions you're incorporating on your special day? I'd love to hear some!

Forever Dreaming,

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Have You Seen This?

First off, I apologize for not writing in two weeks. I feel so out of it! But any who, on to bigger and better things! First off, here's something that made me giggle:
The above picture was found here, where you can see entries and began voting! Apparently the movie The Proposal is partnering up with MySpace to plan and pay for someone's wedding. Votes will decide who wins, the details, and when it all takes place. The entries are closed but you can still watch the preview for the movie, view the entries, and start voting (on April 24th) for the lucky couple.

Second off, I am in the mood to dream about honeymoons. So where are you going, or where would you love to, and do you and your FH agree? I think mine would like to go to the beach somewhere, I am leaning more towards camping or Ireland. Haha who knows maybe one of you will have something that totally changes my mind! So let me know!

Forever Dreaming,

Monday, April 6, 2009

Bridal Fashion Week on The Knot

Yay for Bridal Fashion! The Knot has been posting new pictures from Fall 2009's Bridal Fashion Week all week and I'm going to share some of my favorite lines. Oh and by the way, I got all the photos from The Knot. Click here to see all the fashion show pictures!

Here's the first two dresses by Ines Di Santo: LUXE

Dress number three is by Jennifer Salzman.
I love the idea of this dress, it just feels so girly and French, but it is probably a little too over the top for me to wear. :)

And check out these dresses by Romona Keveza!

So check out that link and tell me some of your favorites! As they keep posting, I'm sure I'll find a few more favorites I'll love to share, so stay tuned!
Forever Dreaming,

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Contests and Wedding Programs

First off, did anyone else see the contest on the Martha Wedding page? Its called Perfect Proposals and all you do is upload a picture of you and your fiance, tell the story of your proposal, and if your picked you win a 6 day trip to the Walt Disney World Resort! You can find the link here.

Secondly found on Martha's Wedding page, a great idea that I will be incorporating into my programs. Its called "Which Tree Did You Fall From?" and it is from a Celtic version of astrology. You can download the template here, but I thought I would include the list in the blog so you can see if it fits your personality!
Here's The Date List:

Jan 01 to Jan 11 - Fir Tree
Jan 12 to Jan 24 - Elm Tree
Jan 25 to Feb 03 - Cypress Tree
Feb 04 to Feb 08 - Poplar Tree
Feb 09 to Feb 18 - Cedar Tree
Feb 19 to Feb 28 - Pine Tree
Mar 01 to Mar 10 - Weeping Willow Tree
Mar 11 to Mar 20 - Lime Tree
Mar 21 - Oak Tree
Mar 22 to Mar 31 - Hazelnut Tree
Apr 01 to Apr 10 - Rowan Tree
Apr 11 to Apr 20 - Maple Tree
Apr 21 to Apr 30 - Walnut Tree
May 01 to May 14 - Poplar Tree
May 15 to May 24 - Chestnut Tree
May 25 to Jun 03 - Ash Tree
Jun 04 to Jun 13 - Hornbeam Tree
Jun 14 to Jun 23 - Fig Tree
Jun 24 - Birch Tree
Jun 25 to Jul 04 - Apple Tree
Jul 05 to Jul 14 - Fir Tree
Jul 15 to Jul 25 - Elm Tree
Jul 26 to Aug 04 - Cypress Tree
Aug 05 to Aug 13 - Poplar Tree
Aug 14 to Aug 23 - Cedar Tree
Aug 24 to Sep 02 - Pine Tree
Sep 03 to Sep 12 - Weeping Willow Tree
Sep 13 to Sep 22 - Lime Tree
Sep 23 - Olive Tree
Sep 24 to Oct 03 - Hazelnut Tree
Oct 04 to Oct 13 - Rowan Tree
Oct 14 to Oct 23 - Maple Tree
Oct 24 to Nov 11 - Walnut Tree
Nov 12 to Nov 21 - Chestnut Tree
Nov 22 to Dec 01 - Ash Tree
Dec 02 to Dec 11 - Hornbeam Tree
Dec 12 to Dec 21 - Fig Tree
Dec 22 - Beech Tree
Dec 23 to Dec 31 - Apple Tree

And here are the results (in alphabetical order):
APPLE TREE (Love) - of slight build, lots of charm, appeal, and attraction, pleasant aura, flirtatious, adventurous, sensitive, always in love, wants to love and be loved, faithful and tender partner, very generous, scientific talents, lives for today, a carefree philosopher with imagination.

ASH TREE (Ambition) - uncommonly attractive, vivacious, impulsive, demanding, does not care for criticism, ambitious, intelligent, talented, likes to play with fate, can be egotistic, very reliable and trustworthy, faithful and prudent lover, sometimes brains rule over the heart, but takes partnership very seriously.

BEECH TREE (Creative) - has good taste, concerned about its looks, materialistic, good organization of life and career, economical, good leader, takes no unnecessary risks, reasonable, splendid lifetime companion, keen on keeping fit (diets, sports, etc.)

BIRCH TREE (Inspiration) - vivacious, attractive, elegant, friendly,pretentious, modest, does not like anything in excess, abhors the vulgar, loves life in nature and in calm, not very passionate, full of imagination, little ambition, creates a calm and content atmosphere.

CEDAR TREE (Confidence) - of rare beauty, knows how to adapt, likes luxury, of good health, not in the least shy, tends to look down on others,self-confident, determined, impatient, likes to impress others, many talents, industrious, healthy optimism, waiting for the one true love, able to make quick decisions.

CHESTNUT TREE (Honesty) - of unusual beauty, does not want to impress, well-developed sense of justice, vivacious, interested, a born diplomat, but irritates easily and sensitive in company, often due to a lack of self confidence, acts sometimes superior, feels not understood, loves only once, has difficulties in finding a partner.

CYPRESS TREE (Faithfulness) - strong, muscular, adaptable, takes what life has to give, content, optimistic, craves money and acknowledgment, hates loneliness, passionate lover which cannot be satisfied, faithful, quick-tempered, unruly, pedantic, and careless.

ELM TREE (Noble-Minded) - pleasant shape, tasteful clothes, loudest demands, tends not to forgive mistakes, cheerful, likes to lead but not to obey, honest and faithful partner, likes making decisions for others, noble-minded, generous, good sense of humor, practical.

FIG TREE (Sensibility) - very strong, a bit self-willed,independent, does not allow contradiction or arguments, loves life, its family, children and animals, a bit of a social butterfly, good sense of humor, likes idleness and laziness, of practical talent and intelligence.

FIR TREE (Mysterious) - extraordinary taste, dignity, sophisticated, loves anything beautiful, moody, stubborn, tends to egoism but cares for those close to them, rather modest, very ambitious, talented, industrious, uncontested lover, many friends, many foes, very reliable.

HAZELNUT TREE (Extraordinary) - charming, undemanding, very understanding, knows how to make an impression, active fighter for social cause, popular, moody, and capricious lover, honest, and tolerant partner, precise sense of judgment.

HORNBEAM TREE (Good Taste) - of cool beauty, cares for its looks and condition, good taste, is not egoistic, makes life as comfortable as possible, leads a reasonable and disciplined life, looks for kindness and acknowledgment in an emotional partner, dreams of unusual lovers, is seldom happy with its feelings, mistrusts most people, is never sure of its decisions, very conscientious.

LIME TREE (Doubt) - accepts what life dishes out in a composed way, hates fighting, stress, and labor, dislikes laziness and idleness, soft and relenting, makes sacrifices for friends, many talents but not tenacious enough to make them blossom, often wailing and complaining, very jealous but loyal.

MAPLE TREE (Independent) - no ordinary person, full of imagination and originality, shy and reserved, ambitious, proud, self-confident, hungers for new experiences, sometimes nervous, has many complexities, good memory, learns easily, complicated love life, wants to impress.

OAK TREE (Brave) - robust nature, courageous, strong, unrelenting, independent, sensible, does not like change, keeps its feet on the ground, person of action.

OLIVE TREE (Wisdom) - loves sun, warmth and kind feelings, reasonable, balanced, avoids aggression and violence, tolerant, cheerful, calm, well-developed sense of justice, sensitive, empathetic, free of jealousy, loves to read and the company of sophisticated people.

PINE TREE (Particular) - loves agreeable company, very robust, knows how to make life comfortable, very active, natural, good companion, but seldom friendly, falls easily in love but its passion burns out quickly, gives up easily, everything disappointments until it finds its ideal, trustworthy, practical.

POPLAR TREE (Uncertainty) - looks very decorative, not very self-confident, only courageous if necessary, needs goodwill and pleasant surroundings, very choosy, often lonely, great animosity, artistic nature, good organizer, tends to lean toward philosophy, reliable in any situation, takes partnership seriously.

ROWAN TREE (Sensitivity) - full of charm, cheerful, gifted without egoism, likes to draw attention, loves life, motion, unrest, and even complications, is both dependent and independent, good taste, artistic, passionate, emotional, good company, does not forgive.

WALNUT TREE (Passion) - unrelenting, strange and full of contrasts, often egotistic, aggressive, noble, broad horizon, unexpected reactions, spontaneous, unlimited ambition, no flexibility, difficult and uncommon partner, not always liked but often admired, ingenious strategist, very jealous and passionate, no compromise.

WEEPING WILLOW (Melancholy) - beautiful but full of melancholy, attractive, very empathetic, loves anything beautiful and tasteful, loves to travel, dreamer, restless, capricious, honest, can be influenced but is not easy to live with, demanding, good intuition, suffers in love but finds sometimes an anchoring partner

I am the Ash Tree. Its basically dead on. Ha! So what are your results?

Forever Dreaming,

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cakes to Talk About

Sorry about not posting for a few days but I was home visiting some family. Today, however, I am having a major sweet tooth so I thought I'd share some delicious looking cakes that I'm dreaming about tasting. Be sure to post a comment and tell me which one you like best!

First, we'll start with the traditional wedding cakes. I found these four on Martha's website.

These three I found on the Better Homes and Gardens wedding website.

Now of course my budget ($5000) won't allow for most of these gorgeous cakes but I can use them as inspiration and either try to find something smaller that looks similar or try to make it on my own.

Which ones do you like? These seven are my current favorites and I just can't make a decision! Good thing I have lots of time! :)

Forever Dreaming,

Friday, March 27, 2009

DIY Invitation - Free Template!

I found this link on Once A Bride's blog and just had to share! Its a free template for some gorgeous invitations for all you out DIY brides out there. Take a look!How gorgeous are those! I'm reminded of my grandmother's plates when I look at these and I love anything with a Victorian feel to it! The design is from Wedding Chicks and it is free to download if you click here.

Click here to see Once A Bride's original post and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Forever Dreaming,

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bouquets to love

So today is Martha Day. I love Martha Stewart and I could spend all day clicking through her website id it were not for everything else that needed to get done. Today I decided to share my love of Martha by showing you a few bouquets that I am absolutely in love with and am currently day dreaming about. All were from her website, which you can get to by clicking here.

I especially love love love the green one in the left column.
Have a great day everyone!
Forever Dreaming,