Thursday, June 18, 2009

Did he or Didn't he?

Ugh. So for those of you who don't know as of yet, I am not officially engaged. Meaning that while we do know that we are getting married - he has yet to say those 4 magical words: "Will you marry me?". For the last month or so we have been playfully hopping around the subject where he jokes that we already are (which to me we're not) or that he's asking me right then (which he has yet to do). Last night another playful joking occurred.

I was sharing that rumors or our engagement were once again being spread throughout our home town (they have been since we started dating 4 years ago) and he stated that it was fine since we already were. The conversation went like this:

Me: No we aren't, you haven't asked me."
JN: So then what's your answer?
Me: To what?
JN: The question.
Me: What question?
JN: The question.
Me: You haven't asked me yet. But when you do the answer will be yes.

He starts tickling me (he thinks its hilarious how ticklish I am) and we drop the conversation. Then a few minutes later...

JN: So how does it feel being engaged?
Me: I wouldn't know since you still haven't asked me.
JN: Ok so what's your answer?
Me: Ugh! That doesn't count!

And so on and so on. What a booger, such a tease! He's so adorable and infuriating at the same time and I know he loves being that way. Hehe he makes me laugh but O dislike being stuck in this wedding limbo. Not knowing whether I should start seriously planning or continue just browsing through ideas and finding things I love. So I decided to start-halfway. Which is basically what I've been doing. But now I have brief periods of excitedness, which usually happen late at night which leads to my not sleeping well. Ha! I can't wait to be engaged!

Anyways, here's a problem that has been plaguing me. I can't figure out what song our first dance will be to. I really want our wedding to be full of meaning and I am having trouble coming up with a song that is just perfect. I know he would love it if it could be a classic rock song, so I'm looking through there but if any of you have any hints that would be marvelous!

Possible Ideas:
I Will - The Beatles
Something - The Beatles
Your Song - Elton John
Love Song - 311
Faithfully - Journey

I like them all but nothing is like - "Oh that's perfect!". Well have a great Thursday everyone and please share any ideas! :)

Forever Dreaming,


  1. try to dance to it before falling in love.... seriously even if your by yourself... try moving slowly to the song. most of them are too fast :(

    I'm a huge Elvis fan... we are doing 'fools rush in' which is a little jab at the mr. too because we have been together for 10 years....

    much like your conversation he just waited and waited and waited.... but then finally told me to back off and stop talking about it. i bit my tongue and waited. he said every time he was close to asking I would start 'nagging him' and it took the excitement out of it.
    ... just another opinion on the situation ;) ...

  2. Haha very true about the speed Planning on Pennies! But about the other opinion - he actually likes that I talk about it and that I'm excited about it. I thought he would think it was nagging too, so we had a few discussions about it and to him its like affirming the idea that he knows i'm going to say yes. Plus I never push, I've told him to take as long as he wants. BUt its just so exciting/frustrating when he brings stuff like this up! :) Thanks for the comment though and excelent advice about the music! (PS I love your song and think the private joke is hilarious!)