Monday, March 29, 2010

Adorable Save the Date Video Idea!

Check out what I just found on the Knot:

My Real Wedding from The Knot and The Nest.

Is that not the best?!
Forever Dreaming,

Sunday, March 28, 2010

DIY Rustic Wedding Cake Stand

So I have wanted a rustic feeling wedding since I began planning. Not completely all out rustic, but lots of rustic touches. One idea that I fell in love with was the idea of using a piece of tree stump as a cake stand. Infact the idea came from this photo I found in one of my bridal magazines (I can't remember which one, sorry). Here it is:

Well as I was surfing around on the web today I found some other ideas using wood as your cake or dessert stands! Check out this DIY project on Once Wed!

Follow this link to see the DIY instructions, but isn't that adorable! And because you can change the style and hight so easily you could make a variety of stands for your dessert table. Oh I love it!

Forever Dreaming,

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sweet Saturday!

I am so happy it is Saturday today! That means a whole new week is about to start tomorrow. And to make it even more of an exciting day, tonight we are telling my parents about our engagement. I'm so excited!  I also wanted to share these amazing invitations I found on etsy. Click the picture to go to the page!

Have a lovely weekend!
Forever Dreaming,

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ring shots!

Since tomorrow is my day off (Sooo needing this one!) I am going to play around with taking my own ring shots My inspiration:

I love that spoon and fork picture! Such a cute idea. Well I'll let you all know how my effort goes, expect some silly stories and terrible photos to follow. Haha
Forever Dreaming,

Monday, March 22, 2010

Adorable Invitations

I found these cuties on the Brooklyn Bride blog. P.S. It's awesome! Anywho check these out:
I really love that last one. So cute and original! Be sure to check out the original post here, and have a great Monday!

Forever Dreaming,

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gorgeous Engagement Photos Continued

Here's a few more drool worthy engagement pics:
As always, all the photos are linked back to their source. Have a great weekend guys and gals! I'm off to a Bridal Fair tomorrow and promise to post up some (hopefully) fun pictures!
Forever Dreaming,

Friday, March 19, 2010

Music Fun

So one of the things that my dude and I am excited about- Planning the music for the reception! We can be pretty goofy and some of our music choices will definitely highlight that, such as these awesome classics!:

And my favorite:

Hehe I just can't wait!
Forever Dreaming,

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gorgeous Engagement Photos

Here are a few engagement photos that are really speaking to me. I love the idea of photographs gorgeous enough to be used as art in your home and all of the following photos definately fit in that category. Click on the photo if you'd like to be taken to the photographer's site and be sure to check out their other work!

I love how this first one is so sexy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vendor Highlight: A Girl and a Camera Photography

My MOH told me to look into this girl and I love her work! Jennifer's a San Fransisco based photographer who has been taking pictures for more than 20 years. She also has had her Cosmetology license for 15 years. Talk about talented! I love her use of natural light and her style is right up my alley! Here are some of her amazing photos:

So please be sure to check out more of her portfolio on her website here.
Forever Dreaming,

Monday, March 15, 2010

Love Notes for Today

Today's post marks the beginning of a new segment. One of the most amazing things about being engaged is simply knowing that you and the one that you care about are preparing to spend the rest of your lives together. In this new segment, Love Notes, I'll be posting about all things related to love, from advice to stories to just about anything that reminds me of love.
Today's post is a love letter from Beethoven.

Good morning, on July 7
Though still in bed, my thoughts go out to you, my Immortal Beloved, now and then joyfully, then sadly, waiting to learn whether or not fate will hear us - I can live only wholly with you or not at all - Yes, I am resolved to wander so long away from you until I can fly to your arms and say that I am really at home with you, and can send my soul enwrapped in you into the land of spirits - Yes, unhappily it must be so - You will be the more contained since you know my fidelity to you. No one else can ever possess my heart - never - never - Oh God, why must one be parted from one whom one so loves. And yet my life in V is now a wretched life - Your love makes me at once the happiest and the unhappiest of men - At my age I need a steady, quiet life - can that be so in our connection? My angel, I have just been told that the mailcoach goes every day - therefore I must close at once so that you may receive the letter at once - Be calm, only by a calm consideration of our existence can we achieve our purpose to live together - Be calm - love me - today - yesterday - what tearful longings for you - you - you - my life - my all - farewell. Oh continue to love me - never misjudge the most faithful heart of your beloved.

ever thine
ever mine
ever ours

Yep that's the one from the Sex and the City Movie. I love those last three lines, Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours. Those just may be finding their way into my vows..or wedding in some way.

Forever Dreaming,

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Adorable DIY Bridesmaid Invitations

Here a few wonderful options for a DIY card to help you invite your friends/family into your bridal party. 
(Each picture links to it's instruction page.)

Adorable aren't they?  I think I might end up using the one from Martha Stewart.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Forever Dreaming,

Thursday, March 11, 2010

DIY Flowers: Manzanita Branch Centerpieces

I have always loved the look of flowered branch centerpieces, and now someone has finally let us in on the secret of how to make these eye catching beauties.

If you'd like to try this gorgeous look yourself follow this link.

DIY Wine Glass Lampshades

Check out this adorable project that is easy and pretty quick to make! 

Find instructions for this project and the download-able template here. Talk about an easy project that you could do way ahead of time and just save until the day. I'm all for low stress!

Forever Dreaming,

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm engaged! what?

Ok so I'll admit, I am still to excited to actually focus on anything at the moment, but I did manage to put together a little to do list for us to follow.

1.       Announce your engagement
Shout it out! Tell family and friends however you would like but be sure to not let the stress get to you. If they start asking about the wedding date and you haven’t set one yet just let them know that you’re really just enjoying being engaged and that they’ll be the first to know when you do decide. Just remember – they’re excited for you and that’s why they’re asking! Even though it may be stressful, just know that they mean the best and be sure to take the time to bask in your new status.
2.       Imagine your dream wedding
 I know you’ve been thinking about it for a while now, so sit and think how would you want it? Without worrying about budget, guests, or any of the things that come up late have some fun and decide on the theme or feel you will want your wedding to have. Be sure to talk to your fiancé about this, he may have something I mind that you never would have guessed.
3.       Get organized
Plan where you’re going to keep all your thoughts, plans, details, and lists. My advice? A giant binder. That way you can easily move it from place to place. But what it is doesn’t matter – it could be a shoe box if you knew exactly where to find things.
4.       Set your budget
This is the least fun wedding thing but also the most important. In order to help you from stressing out about the credit card debt you’re piling up on wedding décor – sit down with your FH and whoever else may be contributing and find out exactly what you have to spend on your fairy tale wedding. Then, with your FH, decide on the three most important aspects of your wedding day. Is it the photography, the food, the music, or the décor? This will let you know what things you may want to splurge on and where you can really cut back. For me, I really don’t want a videographer – but photography and the venue is a big deal for me.  So I can adjust my budget accordingly. And while it may be a little more work, it is still possible to have the wedding of your dreams while on a budget. You just need to focus on what is important to you and use a little magic dust.
5.       Pick a date
This is a little tougher. I’d suggest picking a few dates, like maybe three, that will work for you, your fiancé, and your families. Having multiple dates set aside will help you be able to still get the venue you’d like. That way if it turns out to be booked on one of your days, you always have two more to choose from. Also remember, if you are planning a budgeted wedding, some dates will be less expensive than others. Consider having a wedding in the “off” season where you might find some incredible discounts. Some things to consider, according to the Knot, are the symbolism of your date (what does it mean to you), the season, the price (like I stated above), holidays, VIP preferences (can your family make it?), and any major dates to avoid.
See here for a list of dates to avoid in 2010 and 2011.
6.       Make a first draft guest list
My FH and I are paying for almost all of the wedding (if not everything)so technically I didn’t have to invite any of the people our parents wanted, but to me it was important that they each choose a few people who are important to them to have at our wedding. In order to do this while still keeping a handle on our small (50-75 guests) and budgeted ($5000) wedding I asked them to make a “dream list”. They can write everyone down that they would like to invite, I ask them who matters the most to them on this list, and then I drop the ones I don’t know or don’t need to have at the wedding. And voila – I have a manageable guest list where I know and care about  mostly everyone invited but our parents still get to have a few of their closest and dearest with them.
7.       Find the ceremony and reception venue
Some of you out there will be shocked when you start looking into venues. These things are booking up fast! One place I’ve looked in the past had dates booked for the next 2 years! So as soon as you get the above things figured out I suggest you start looking around and touring some of the places. Also, if budget is an focus for you, remember that the more unique the venue is – it usually costs less.
8.       Pick your colors
I actually did this way before we got engaged. But it may be easier to pick the colors after picking the venue. That way you can use the venue in your decorations. Find a ball room with a blue and brown floor? Consider using one of those in your wedding. Decorating will get much easier. (In my case, because I am so set on my colors – I’m actually trying to find a venue that fits my vision.)
9.       Pick your attendants
Pick them as soon as you are sure of whom you want to be a part of your day. You will have even more fun planning and searching for things if you have your favorite bridesmaids to do it with!
10.   Start looking for vendors
I have a giant binder filled with tons of these guys and soon I will need to go through and start thinning out the herd. Hehe. Better Homes and Gardens suggests finding your photographer, caterer, videographer, and florist at the 10-month mark. Some things to consider when looking for a vendor is your vision of the wedding, the different types of possibilities, for instance photography has photojournalistic, artistic, and traditional (you may want to familiarize yourself with a few key terms before interviewing). And be sure to interview multiple people, other people may click with you more than the first you see.
11.   Look for dresses
Better Homes and Gardens suggests starting to looking 7-10 months in advance to allow enough time for ordering and alterations. The Knot also suggests that you study up on your wedding dress 101 before you go, “Learn the lingo before stepping foot in a dress salon. Read up on silhouettes, necklines, trains, and hues that might flatter you. Season will also affect your choice. Getting married in the sweltering summer? Go with lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, linen, or organza. Having a winter wedding? Brocade, faux fur, and velvet fabrics will keep you warm. Satin, shantung, silk, and tulle are perfect year-round.”
12.   Book hotel rooms (if needed)
I like the idea of booking out blocks of rooms for your guests and including the hotel options in your save the dates. This way your guests won’t be stressed about having to find a hotel room close enough to the venue.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's official!

I'm engaged!! 
I had planned to propose on Wednesday night, but when I got home last night I just couldn't wait any longer. I was way too excited and nervous which is a very strange combination of emotions to feel... But the timing was right and everything just seemed to fall into place - that is until the actual proposal. I had something very specific planned out and he wanted to jump ahead in my plan (since of course he had no idea I was planning on asking the big question). But everything turned out perfect and exactly the way we are and I couldn't be happier!

Here's how it went:

    For the past five years I have felt more happiness, love, and passion with you than I have my whole life. You make me feel safe when I am scared. You make me laugh when I'm sad. And you join in my fun when I'm excited. You have been my friend, my partner, my boyfriend, and now I am asking you to be my husband. J, will you marry me?

And he said YES! That one little word, becoming more important that anything. Oh I can't even explain how it feels. If any ladies out there are thinking of proposing I would highly recommend it. It was such an amazing experience. First all the excitement mixed with a TON of nervousness, then actually getting down on your knees and finding your voice so shaky you don't even trust it to come out right. Oh it was amazing. And for the men out there, I have a new respect for you. It's really not as easy as it looks when its something that is this important to you!

I still really can't believe I felt nervous. We have been talking about this wedding and getting engaged and proposing for more than a year now. And I was 90% sure he'd say yes, but I guess it was that small little 10% that had me terrified. But he did and now I can really start planning the wedding of my dreams instead of only dreaming about it.

Forever Dreaming,

Inspiration Board #5 - Grey and Yellow Wedding

Pictures found at The Knot, Invitation found at Paperbean Design, Dress found at The Wedding Chicks
I love the colors grey and soft yellow together, it just seems like the perfect pair for a fun spring wedding! And even if your colors aren't yellow and grey, you have to admit the and sign hanging in between the groom and bride's chairs is just adorable!
Forever Dreaming,

Monday, March 8, 2010

Wedding Scavenger Hunt


    Here's a great idea to kill time between the ceremony and the reception (maybe while you and the groom are taking your photos) and also to help break the ice with the guests! Hold a wedding scavenger hunt! Have pencils and paper available for the guests, either at the escort card table when they walk in or at their own specific tables, along with a list of quirky things for them to find out about the other guests! Not only will it be fun and end up being a hit, but your guests won't realize it if your photo shoot runs a little longer than you expected. 

Here's some fun things you could ask them to find out:

Someone who has an unusual job. 
Someone who has been to another country in the last year.  
Someone who always knew the bride and groom would get married.  
Someone who has a funny story about the bride and groom. 
Someone who has red hair. 
Someone who has an older sibling.  
Someone who was not born in the United States.  
Someone who has lived on a farm. 
Someone who has ran a marathon in the last year.  
Someone who has a birthday in June. 
Someone who has a mother named Barbara. 
Someone who knew the bride and groom when they first met.
Someone who has went skydiving. 
Someone who has known the groom since college. 
Someone who has known the bride since elementary school (not including family).  
Someone who has been married 30 or more years. 
Someone who can juggle. 

The possibilities are endless! So have fun and keep dreaming!
Forever Dreaming,

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Inspiration Board #4 - Pretty Pink Peonies

Pictures found at The Knot and Better Homes and Gardens.
This Pretty Pink Peonies is centered around the peony's soft, delicate look. I just love this flower and not only does it look fantastic, its a pretty versatile flower that happens to smells great as well.Use it with almost any other flower and with just about any other color.  They're in season in late May and June but can be found through out the year for a slightly higher price. Check out the different varieties here.

Forever Dreaming,

Yet Another Geektastic Wedding Idea!

You all know how much I love all things nerdy, geeky, or dorky. And this just made my day! As I was searching around the world wide web I found this wonderfully geeky idea, your own video game invite! The couple Darina and Niko put together an 8-bit video game which their guests must complete to get the invitation at the end. Love it!

So tell me about your unique invitation ideas! Send me an email or just comment bellow. And have a wonderful weekend! Take some time to relax and do something fun with your significant other!

Forever Dreaming,

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Inspiration Board #3 - Mountain Wedding in Yellow

Driving home today, I saw this gorgeous blue sky peeking over the tops of pine trees and it just seemed like the perfect day for a Mountain Wedding. So I started dreaming about a romantic wedding filled with warm yellows and browns with touches of nature throughout, such as giving some locally made honey out as your favors or using recycled paper for your wedding stationary. The perfect location for this wedding, The Ahwahnee Hotel of Yosemite, CA. Be sure to check out the site for gorgeous pictures of the hotel and the surrounding area.

Forever Dreaming,

**Pictures found at Yosemite Weddings facebook page and The Knot's Yellow Wedding gallery

Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm back with bridal pics that I love!

Hello folks! I am back after a long break due to some personal stuff going on in my life, and I cannot wait to get back to sharing all the wonderful wedding things I find for you! So here we go!

And I just love this picture!