Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's official!

I'm engaged!! 
I had planned to propose on Wednesday night, but when I got home last night I just couldn't wait any longer. I was way too excited and nervous which is a very strange combination of emotions to feel... But the timing was right and everything just seemed to fall into place - that is until the actual proposal. I had something very specific planned out and he wanted to jump ahead in my plan (since of course he had no idea I was planning on asking the big question). But everything turned out perfect and exactly the way we are and I couldn't be happier!

Here's how it went:

    For the past five years I have felt more happiness, love, and passion with you than I have my whole life. You make me feel safe when I am scared. You make me laugh when I'm sad. And you join in my fun when I'm excited. You have been my friend, my partner, my boyfriend, and now I am asking you to be my husband. J, will you marry me?

And he said YES! That one little word, becoming more important that anything. Oh I can't even explain how it feels. If any ladies out there are thinking of proposing I would highly recommend it. It was such an amazing experience. First all the excitement mixed with a TON of nervousness, then actually getting down on your knees and finding your voice so shaky you don't even trust it to come out right. Oh it was amazing. And for the men out there, I have a new respect for you. It's really not as easy as it looks when its something that is this important to you!

I still really can't believe I felt nervous. We have been talking about this wedding and getting engaged and proposing for more than a year now. And I was 90% sure he'd say yes, but I guess it was that small little 10% that had me terrified. But he did and now I can really start planning the wedding of my dreams instead of only dreaming about it.

Forever Dreaming,

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