Monday, March 8, 2010

Wedding Scavenger Hunt


    Here's a great idea to kill time between the ceremony and the reception (maybe while you and the groom are taking your photos) and also to help break the ice with the guests! Hold a wedding scavenger hunt! Have pencils and paper available for the guests, either at the escort card table when they walk in or at their own specific tables, along with a list of quirky things for them to find out about the other guests! Not only will it be fun and end up being a hit, but your guests won't realize it if your photo shoot runs a little longer than you expected. 

Here's some fun things you could ask them to find out:

Someone who has an unusual job. 
Someone who has been to another country in the last year.  
Someone who always knew the bride and groom would get married.  
Someone who has a funny story about the bride and groom. 
Someone who has red hair. 
Someone who has an older sibling.  
Someone who was not born in the United States.  
Someone who has lived on a farm. 
Someone who has ran a marathon in the last year.  
Someone who has a birthday in June. 
Someone who has a mother named Barbara. 
Someone who knew the bride and groom when they first met.
Someone who has went skydiving. 
Someone who has known the groom since college. 
Someone who has known the bride since elementary school (not including family).  
Someone who has been married 30 or more years. 
Someone who can juggle. 

The possibilities are endless! So have fun and keep dreaming!
Forever Dreaming,

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