Sunday, March 28, 2010

DIY Rustic Wedding Cake Stand

So I have wanted a rustic feeling wedding since I began planning. Not completely all out rustic, but lots of rustic touches. One idea that I fell in love with was the idea of using a piece of tree stump as a cake stand. Infact the idea came from this photo I found in one of my bridal magazines (I can't remember which one, sorry). Here it is:

Well as I was surfing around on the web today I found some other ideas using wood as your cake or dessert stands! Check out this DIY project on Once Wed!

Follow this link to see the DIY instructions, but isn't that adorable! And because you can change the style and hight so easily you could make a variety of stands for your dessert table. Oh I love it!

Forever Dreaming,


  1. I've seen a lot of these "rustic" woodsy wedding items throughout my internet searches! I really love this idea---are you going to incorporate this into your decor?

  2. Probably, well almost definitely. I guess it really depends on the venue we pick - but if everything turns out the way we'd like it to, then yes I am using these! What about you, are you using any rustic touches?