Sunday, April 19, 2009

Have You Seen This?

First off, I apologize for not writing in two weeks. I feel so out of it! But any who, on to bigger and better things! First off, here's something that made me giggle:
The above picture was found here, where you can see entries and began voting! Apparently the movie The Proposal is partnering up with MySpace to plan and pay for someone's wedding. Votes will decide who wins, the details, and when it all takes place. The entries are closed but you can still watch the preview for the movie, view the entries, and start voting (on April 24th) for the lucky couple.

Second off, I am in the mood to dream about honeymoons. So where are you going, or where would you love to, and do you and your FH agree? I think mine would like to go to the beach somewhere, I am leaning more towards camping or Ireland. Haha who knows maybe one of you will have something that totally changes my mind! So let me know!

Forever Dreaming,

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  1. ahhh.... because we are having an October wedding... we will each take a week off after to relax, wind down, and spend some time together as a fancy new married couple haha. We will officially honeymoon in the summer when I'm not teaching. We've figured that we would spend 1month in Europe. Starting out in Spain because his parents have a house.... and then train and plane hopping around Europe.