Sunday, July 5, 2009

Favor Ideas and Reception Decor

Alright so my wedding is sort of a woodsie fairytale theme going with it and I found a few favors that I love and would go perfectly. Check them out!
Here are a few animal themed favors:

And here are a few fairy tale themed favors:

And I found what I want to put behind my FH and my table at the reception!

Oh I love it! And once the wedding is over, I can put it above our bed much like the picture above. How perfect! Currently I'm putting together my vendor checklist. Its a table of the vendors and what they do or do not offer all filled out so I can easily compare. I'll post it once I'm done - Its going to be a huge time saver!

Forever Dreaming,


  1. how romantic.... seriously!
    practicality is HUGE and each of those is something that people could us again and again!!

  2. I agree. I want my guests to be able to ues their favors...not just eat and forget. Hehe although I do love candy. :D

  3. we're doing a Favor Affair give-a-way- be sure to enter for your chance to win! I see that you posted some pictures from Favor Affair!

  4. Awesome! Thanks for the info - I will definitley sign up. :)