Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Planning Update: Guest Lists and Venue Hunting

This Sunday, my friend Kiki and I will be going to a few different venues and seeing if anything causes me to become obsessed with one of them. Sounds like fun, right?! I will be sure to post pictures and comments as soon as I can afterwords, but today I wanted to share a few things with you.

First off, I had way too much fun reading bridal horoscope or as they like to call it the Bridescope. It was almost completely on with my wedding ideals- even with the couple match up.

"The Sagittarius woman is a complex mix of wild and wise, thoughtful and impulsive. She's an independent, can-do type, always expanding and growing. She loves to learn and may have a teeming bookshelf that reflects her many interests. But don't expect to mistake her for a bookworm. On the outside, she may be wild and lusty (think Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith)—or at least her strong personality will be evident. Deep down, though, there's an inner good girl who's capable of lasting monogamy. Just don't use the term "settle down" around her. This freedom-loving sign won't be told what to do! Sagittarius is symbolized by the centaur, the legendary half-human, half-horse that was caught between two natures—his primal desires and his thirst for knowledge. Although the Sagittarius woman can be an animal below her mythological belt, her sign rules wisdom, morals and higher learning. She's often sticking her hoof in her mouth, blurting out tactless-but-truthful comments. But with her deep generosity she'll make it up to you later. It takes a strong man to rein her in, but the one who does will enjoy endless adventures, laughter and all the gifts of her fiery nature. With her direct remarks and ribald humor, she's often "one of the guys" and may be more at home in the company of male friends. Finding—and recognizing—her own femininity will be this tomboyish sign's challenge. Her wisdom and generosity abound when it comes to helping friends and loved ones discover their higher callings. Though she may give "tough love," nobody will champion your greatness like a visionary Sagittarius woman. The surest way to alienate Sagittarius is to try to impose limits on her personal freedom and drown her happy-go-lucky optimism in doubt. If she finds a commitment restrictive, she'll head for the hills. Sometimes a mere whiff of responsibility makes her draw back in fear, and this can be a definite weakness. The lifelong lesson for this sign is to discover how commitment is the beginning of adventure rather than the end. Should she discover this curious paradox, Sagittarius makes an excellent (though at times exhausting) partner and playmate."

Yes I'm impulsive, and optimistic, and excited. (Sagittarius all the way!) It was great. Try it out here.

The second thing - I just got back my wish list from my parents. A list of everyone they would invite if they could and I added in my side of the guests. Let me tell you, it’s stressful! We want to have 75 guests or less, and I'm at 55-60 and that’s without Justin's extended family.I do have his immediate family on there though. That's also after probably 1 hour of cutting down the list and feeling guilty after being cut throat. "How close a friend are they?" is something I had to ask myself a lot.

But some of it was fun. I liked knowing that I now have more than half of the list taken care of, and most of those entries have addresses attached! Can I just mention how much I love Wedding Wire's guest list tool? I will be so prepared when it comes to making out the invitations. Score!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!

Forever Dreaming,


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