Sunday, March 22, 2009

DIY Votive Wrap Templates

So as I was reading all of my favorite blogs today, I came across a fantastic and easy DIY project anyone can use on iDIY.

All you do is choose from the three FREE templates that The Fussy Designer created, print them out on vellum, stretch it around your votive tightly, and secure with double stick tape. How easy is that?! Feel free to click here for the original post!

Here are some of the designs you will find:So get out, be crafty, and have fun!

Oh and PS: Today I am going to an open house in a wonderful venue for the Sacramento area: Arden Hills Resort and Spa. Hopefully I can take lots of pictures, get some factoids, and give you all the information sometime on Monday. But in the mean time, have a great weekend and do something new today. :)

Forever Dreaming,

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