Thursday, April 1, 2010


With my work rolling out a new software and making me put in extra hours to get used to it, I have had little time this week to just sit back and day dream. But one thing that I am starting to think about - our engagement party!  Here's my inspiration at the moment:
(click the photo for the link)
I think it will be help at my parent's house, very cozy and informal. Just a great way for our families and friends to meet each other before the big day. Here's some tips I picked up on

  • The bride's father should always make a toast, regardless of the locale or mood of the party.

  • Not everyone who is coming to the wedding needs to be invited to the engagement party.

  • Always splurge on good champagne.

  • Make sure you have the location booked at least a month in advance so you can concentrate on other details of party planning.

  • Never invite someone to the engagement party who is not invited to the wedding.

  • Gifts should not be expected.

  • Always consider the bride and groom in the planning, for it is essentially a party for them.
    Have a great Thursday!
    Forever Dreaming,

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